Talking Games

Talking Games

Video game podcast found on Talking Comics. Learn about the new games of the day, the biggest news and the weird personal lives of the hosts. Each show brings you a unique perspective on the world of video games.

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    Chewy Meat | Talking Games Episode 205

    I don't know what happens in this episode, but its hosted by Matt and Kelsey and its called "Chewy Meat" so you should listen.

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    The Interesting Life of the Atari Jaguar w/guest Greg Lujan | Talking Games episode 201

    This week Matt and Huw welcome special guest Greg Lujan (whose name sounds a little like a character from Adventure! which is most likely coincidence, right?!) as they discuss the nuances of consoles from days gone by. How bad was the Atari Jaguar controller and what is that console's link to dentist's practices?! Add to that Huw taking a foray into tabletop/video gaming crossovers with Tokaido, it's a stacked show!

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    Talking Games Episode 200!!

    Join us as we celebrate 200 episodes of the Talking Games podcast. Featuring returning faces, special guests and lots of laughs!

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